Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Chicken Caesar Sandwich (EASY DINNER)

This is a VERY easy and fast dinner that can be made in minutes!  I like dinners that taste awesome but take little time to make.  These also are great to make for a pot luck picnic.
Since it's a sandwich, feel free to add or subtract any ingredients you don't like. I despise tomatoes (but love pasta sauce and tomato soup...don't judge me) so I leave those out.


Romaine Lettuce
Red Onion
Caesar Dressing
Grilled Chicken (or a cheat- rotisserie chicken from the market) 


Spread the Caesar dressing on the bread as you would with Mayo.  Shred the rotisserie chicken and layer that on top.  Add red onion and lettuce and you got yourself a delish sando that took you less then 10 minutes to make!  OR if you got time, grill some chicken that is rubbed with garlic powder, salt and pepper (this actually is the best way to do it, but if you're short on time the rotisserie chicken is the way to go). 

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