Thursday, February 27, 2014

PureLiving Purifying Cutting Board System Review

PureLiving Purifying Cutting Board System Review

I wanted to share about a fantastic product that I just got from my folks for my birthday.  It's a PureLiving Purifying Cutting Board System .  In a nut shell these are cutting boards that you can use depending on what you are cutting (to keep it sanitary).  When you're done using it you wash it and put back into the holder which has these cool led lights that sanitize and kill bacteria!  I had a bunch of cutting boards and used them for whatever I was cutting.  With this I can use veggie board for that purpose and meat board for cutting meat.  The peace of mind with knowing that bacteria is not growing on the boards while it's not being used is just brilliant!  They are inexpensive considering that if you get a tummy ache from cross contamination, the doctor bill will be at least double! Click on this link to view it  PureLiving Purifying Cutting Board System

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