Thursday, March 27, 2014

Green Tea Cream Puff

Green Tea is a very healthy drink… does this mean green tea cream puffs are healthy too? Who cares! We can cheat every now and then right?! #foodporn
1 Package of Cream Puff Shells
1 Package of Vanilla Custard
1 Teaspoon Green Tea Powder (Matcha)
2 Teaspoon Water
Get the custard ready according to the packaged instructions.
In a bowl, mix the green tea power with water until the powder dissolves.  Then add about a tablespoon of the custard and mix until combined
Add the green tea mixture into the rest of the custard and mix until combined
Put the custard mix in a pastry bag
Pipe custard into the puff shells until it’s filled (starts pushing back out)

Lightly dust each cream puff with some green tea powder as garnish!

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