Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Candy Sushi


What a cute idea! I love Sushi and I love Candy!  Together at last!  Soon, there will be food trucks roaming the streets of L.A selling this (in my dreams at least).  These are really easy and fast to make. I like to make rice krispy treats as the "rice" and top it with Swedish Fish gummies and use green fruit roll ups as the seaweed.  It makes for a nice surprise treat in any picnic basket or lunch box.  You can also get really creative and cut Twinkies like in the picture above and put colorful pieces of the same Swedish Fish to make it look like a roll.  To present, you can buy some foil bento boxes to make it look authentic!  I like adding all the little touches to complete the look.  I'll post the link to the bento boxes (it's like a Japanese tupperware, that is used to carry boxed lunches).

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