Thursday, February 27, 2014

Top 5 100 Calories or Less Cocktail Recipes

Here are the Top 5 Cocktails that are all under 100 Calories!
1. Skinny Girl Sea Breeze
This contains 102 calories but we shall say it's 100 calories so you can brag about your 100 cal. drink. To make this low calorie cocktail, take Skinny Girl Vodka (1 ¾ ounces), cranberry juice (3 ounces), grapefruit juice (1 ounce) and slice of grapefruit. Fill the glass with ice and add vodka and cranberry. Stir a little and then pour the grapefruit juice. Embellish your cocktail with a slice of grapefruit.
2.  Pina Colada
With only 165 calories this will refresh summer. For this recipe, you will need rum with coconut flavor (1 ½ ounces), pineapple juice (3 ounces), water (4 ounces), and Coco Lopez Cream of Coconut Lite (1 tablespoon). Add ice cubes and stir.
3.  Raspberry Cocktail
A 115 calorie Raspberry Cocktail.  For this diet cocktail, you should have vodka (1 ½ ounces), Raspberry Passion Juice (8 ounces), ice (4-5 cubes) and of course raspberries as a garnish. Blend them and serve. (for an added twist, freeze the raspberries in the ice!)
4.  Skinny Iced Tea
At only 70 Calories, this is for those who love sweet tea!  Get some Sweet Tea Vodka (1 shot), lemonade without sugar, and wedge of lemon. Mix well and service with a wedge of lemon for garnishment.
5. Diet Screwdriver
This one has only 80 Calories and is a refreshing drink to have pool side. Take vodka (1 shot), orange juice (1 shot), 7-Up and mix.  Add a slice of Orange for decor.

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